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By Jake

Why Kiteboard Leashes Are Unsafe

Kitesurfing is generally a fairly safe sport where risk mostly depends on the kitesurfer himself. After our lessons you’ll know how to control the kite safely and you’ll know how to perform effective board recovery so you can continue progressing on your own. However, a very small number of kitesurfers feels like adding a potentially lethal piece of equipment to the game – a board leash. Wearing one is a dangerous and stupid idea.

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By Jake

Benefits of Kitesurfing in Cold Water

I have already wrote about kitesurfing in Scotland during the winter but it’s good to look at some of the benefits this brings, aside from tons of stoke! If you read around you will quickly find out that cold water has been well known for its therapeutic qualities for quite a while now. Some of the health benefits are highlighted in Sebastian’s Kneipp’s book ‘My Water Cure’ published back in 1886. Kneipp has found that cold water has helped to treat his tuberculosis. But surfing in the cold has a lot more benefits.

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