IKO Head Instructor

Jake Oszczepalinski

Jake has been on the water since his early childhood. His father took him on the first sailing trip when he was 6 and he couldn't get off the water ever since. Starting off with sailing and racing in regattas, he quickly moved over to windsurfing and after 14 years caught a kitesurfing bug and never looked back. The school allows him to combine his passion for watersports, teaching and sharing the stoke!

IKO Kitesurfing Instructor

Archie Kras

Archie is one of the most experienced kitesurfers in Scotland and by far the highest jumping one north of the border! Archie has been kitesurfing for over 7 years and has gained an extensive teaching experience. As part of our school, Archie teaches all beginner and advanced classes - both groups, 1:1 tuition and boosting classes for those who want to go higher than ever before!

Pro Rider | Kitesurfing Freestyle Coach

Polly Crathorne

Polly is a professional kitesurfer, British Freestyle Pro Ladies Champion and team rider for Cabrinha Kiteboarding. Previously, Polly has placed second in 2009, second in 2010 and third in 2011 in the BKSA ladies amateurs. In 2013 Polly competed on the Kiteboard Tour Asia, where she placed fourth overall. Polly is our freestyle coach running sessions for those looking to take their riding to another level!

Local kitesurfing and SUP Store: Skymonster Kitesurfing and SUP - with special offers for all our students!

Local kitesurfing communities:

  • Edinburgh Kiteboarders - a Facebook group where local kitesurfers from Edinburgh and Fife exchange information about spots, weather, sessions and trips.

Live weather for local spots:

  • Live weather station near Gullane: EOSM
  • Live weather station near Cramond (always over-reads the wind speed a bit!): MM Weather
  • Live weather station near Troon: BeachStats
  • Live weather station near St Andrews (NE Wave Spot): TheWindOp


  • XC Weather - one of the most accurate forecasts so far
  • Windguru - one of the first forecast websites for wind-related activities. Try looking at the more detailed, WRF 9km one.
  • Windfinder - choose Gullane spot for tides information

iOS / Android Apps: Wisuki, Windfinder, Windguru