If you need some more coaching after lessons, you want to improve your upwind riding, jumping or you simply need a couple of hours to refresh your memory then one-to-one lessons are the way to go. All our kitesurfing 1:1 sessions are run using BB Talkin' headsets so we're in constant communication with you during the lesson.

We also coach in strapless kitesurfing, foiling and much more. We tailor our 1:1 sessions around our students, so if there's anything you want to work on that's not on the list, simply get in touch and we'll get you on the water. These sessions are not suitable to those who are taking their first step into kitesurfing.

You will have an IKO instructor just for yourself!

What will you learn?

The one-to-one kitesurfing coaching lessons are here to help you to progress faster and to feel more confident on the water. Here's what you might want to improve:

  Riding Upwind - getting your stance right, improving kite movements and board positioning.

  First Jumps - jumping is the quintessence of kiteboarding! We'll help you to do your first jumps and landings.

  Riding Toeside - every kitesurfer should know how to switch to riding toeside - just like jumping, this leads and adds to a lot of tricks you might want to learn in the future.

  Changing Directions - being able to switch riding direction smoothly becomes especially important in low wind conditions when you really don't want to loose your ground. It looks awesome too when done properly!

  Hydrofoiling - kitesurfing will never be the same ever since hydrofoils came around. They allow us to head out in winds we would never imagine to be rideable. Once you learn how to foil, your perception of 10 knot forecasts will change vastly giving you access to days when everyone else stays home. It's an absolute game changer! Especially during summers in Scotland.

  Strapless / Surfboard - riding a surfboard with a kite is an incredible experience. Ability to actually surf waves without the need to paddle in is absolutely addictive. It's incredibly fun in choppy waters to smashing little waves on your cutbacks and powerful bottom turns. We'll get you there in no time!

  Anything else? Let us know and we will work with you on your skills!

Kitesurfing Lessons School Edinburgh - One to One lessons coaching Sessions