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7 Reasons Not To Date a Kitesurfer

Kitesurfers are some of the most friendly and open people in the world. They love the great outdoors, care for the environment and, generally, are full of stoke. Kitesurfing makes them healthier, fitter and happier. But there are few things you should know about them.

1. You will ALWAYS come second

It’s not because they don’t like being around you. But if there’s a choice between a session and Netflix they will be out the door before you even mention binging Breaking Bad. Sorry.

Kitesurfing Lessons in Scotland - Jake

2. Romantic outings at the beach? Forget about it

They don’t really do the whole beach chilling thing. All you will hear is that probably it’s pumping on the other coast and that it’s only 4 hours drive. Or, if the conditions are right you will be handed in a camera. Just make sure you take snaps fn the correct person on the water. Congratulations! You’ve just become a pro surf photographer.

Kitesurfing Lessons in Scotland - Jake

3. Life goals are a bit different

Remember those days when everyone at school wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer, drive fancy cars and live in a fancy neighbourhood? That’s clearly not going to work. It’s not down to irresponsibility or lack of ambitions. It’s more about choosing a career path that allows them to be on the water as much as humanly possible… without getting jailed for debts. It doesn’t resonate with everyone but they believe that spending 80% of their lives glaring at a computer screen to save for a retirement that may never come is just daft.

Kitesurfing Lessons in Scotland - Jake

4. Not enough decent conditions? Oh boy

Some say to really see the dark side of other person’s nature all you have to do is to lock them up in a room with a slow internet. Try a kitesurfer who hasn’t been out on the water in the last week or so. Don’t. Even.

Kitesurfing Lessons in Scotland - Jake

5. Hoodie and sneakers = dinner dress code

No matter how old they are the only suit they will ever wear outside work is a wetsuit.

Kitesurfing Lessons in Scotland - Jake

6. There’s so much to talk about – King of The Air, Forecasts…

…and so on. They just won’t shut up about the big air session they’ve had, how someone did something that you have no clue about, that there’s an awesome storm coming in next week and how much they would like to move to somewhere more windy, wavy and warm. And repeat.

Kitesurfing Lessons in Scotland - Jake

7. Planning your week ahead? Don’t

Kitesurfers and surfers alike live and die by the forecasts. These don’t really work more than 24 hours or 48 hours at a push ahead. So their life is pretty much a last minute affair. If the conditions are right they will drop everything they do and hit the water. Even if it’s miles away! Forcing them to sit through a family dinner when the trees outside are pretty much parallel to the ground will kill them inside. Please don’t.

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8. They don’t believe in sleeping in

Passionate about staying in bed to no end on the weekends? Enjoy having the whole bed to yourself. If the forecast’s looking good they will be at the beach with the first sunlight. Or just before, just in case.

Kitesurfing Lessons in Scotland - Jake

But there’s an upside!

If you can get past this or you choose to join your kitesurfing partner you’re in for a ride! You will spend a lot of your time at the beach, traveling around the country and the world. You will be outside all the time. You won’t have someone feeling sorry for themselves – we know how to pick ourselves up no matter what.

More often than not they will go full on into whatever they believe has to be done – moderation is for cowards. That trick they’ve been trying to nail wiping out badly every time? They will keep trying, failing, trying again and failing better.

They live happier lives. Not only because their objectives in life are so different to others but also because the ocean causes their bodies to release massive amounts of endorphins and serotonin – i.e. the pure happiness and joy. Yup water, waves and wind are their only drugs. Just make sure to allow them to go out and play. And if you want to join them, get in touch with us!


  • In my case cross out Kite surfer and write Paraglder

    • Love it!! Hope you have a real job that helps support it!

      Diane ziebart,
    • Was also thinking freeflying paragliding as I read this! My wife’s comment on Fathers day last week, ‘What do you want to do if it’s not flyable’ True love!

      Jon Clarke,
  • Been there, done that. It was going well until she came through my door one day & said that there was something she needed to tell me: She was going to open a new escort agency… but “its okay”, she’d done it before. ot exactly what I was expecting from a kite surfer. Haha.

  • Kitesurfing is not a sport, it’s lifestyle.

    Dong le,
  • Oh I love this article it fits me so much I just wish I could have been into kite boarding at a younger age my wife says it’s a midlife crisis but all I think about about warmer water better wind and I want to move all the time for the wind and waves.she tells me the only time I wake up early is if there’s a good forecast.

    • That’s so true! Nothing can drag me out of the bed like a decent wind buzzing outside. We even take turns in running our Skymonster kitesurfing store ( when it’s windy 🙂 It’s all about the stoke!

    • after read the article it was right i felt the same way #midlifechrisis it wont be long i’m waiting for the right time to change my direction from under water to over the water #imadiver

      Benyamin Lumintaintang,
      • We’ve got a lot of divers in Scotland taking kitesurfing lessons with us – it’s always another way to get out into the elements!

  • So f… true! I did the whole thing with a career … and then I became a kitesurfer! This changed my life in many ways. Quit my job to go on a solotrip kitesurfing in South East Asia, came back, quit again! This year Brazil and Hawaii are calling me! My poor hubby is still in shock?

    • Get him on board then! 🙂

  • jake, THX soooo much for that article ??? you made my day!!! kite hard !!!!

  • Kiteboarding/surfing is an art, it challangs you always. So much to learn. So much freedom and happinezzz. Together with the love of my life is the best thing ever!!! Nothing to explain, we just know…. when there is wind we go..??‍♀️??

  • My wife keeps bugging me to give up kitesurfing, says im too old (only 63). So i said sure dar, but i can tell you now you’ll really hate what i replace it with………peace and quite for the next two weeks.

    Chris Chapman,
    • Hell no! Why would you ever? 🙂

  • Great article but Ok….so I might have gone a little bit OTT. I started Buzz Kites so I could have a life doing nothing but thinking about kiting and/or kiting all day, everyday. And I must admit that being part of a team who spend our time either kiting or helping people enjoy the buzz of kiting on some great gear is incredibly satisfying! Gotta go….forecasting 20 knots and 28 degrees!

    Lee Brogden,
    • Nice one Lee – good luck with your business!

  • Haha love this post, know that too well since I’m a kitesurfing girl, can say the same about non-kitesurfing guys 😉 You better don’t run into me when number 4 is on, ever 🙂

    • Hey Miriam, totally! That’s why there’s Skyscanner and Windguru 😀 There’s always a windy spot within 3h flight and with cheap airline deals you can get from say UK to El Medano for 3-4 days under £200 all in 🙂 We love your blog by the way!

  • Should also say don’t Marry a kitesurfer. My ex-wife left me for an old fart who is almost 60! For sure she won’t have that problem again, ha ha. The sad thing is she knew I loved wakeboarding and kitesurfing and surfing when we dated! Unfortunately, it cost me dearly and I won’t even go there. You just need to find someone that has the same interests and if both like the beach and kitesurfing, then god bless. Otherwise, don’t freaking get married and if you do, get a prenup.

    Bryan Bourgeois,
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