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Kitesurfing Spots in Scotland

Kitesurfing Spots in Scotland

As soon as you will go through our kitesurfing lessons you will need to get some local knowledge on spots. We are always at hand to point out the best locations and run through all the hazards, best tide levels, best wind directions and so on. We also run free kitesurf clinics for our ex students in different locations so you can get some on site info.

We’re also always heading out when it’s windy so chances are we will end up on the same spot. We are running a mailing list whenever we head out that you can sign up to at the end of your course. It’s always best to kite with some more folk on the water so feel free to join us whenever we’re out.

However, we can’t realistically cover all the spots in our briefings so we’ve compiled a growing list of places in Scotland where you can kitesurf. We are adding more beaches as we go so if you want to head out somewhere that’s not yet listed feel free to give us a shout on Facebook or via email and we will happily discuss the location with you!

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  • When are you running next kitesurfing course in Dundee? My and my brother would like to have a go at it. Do you do kitesurfing lessons during the week too or is just weekends?

    • Hey Scott! We run kitesurfing lessons in Monifieth near Dundee quite often actually. It’s one of our favourite spots! Could you please fill in the booking form at and we’ll get in touch to sort out the dates?

      Many thanks and see you soon!

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