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How To Set Foostraps – Kiteboard

So, you’ve been riding for a while, cracking those upwind tacks, doing your first transitions and maybe even boosting your first jump? Sweet! But then you get home and you feel that your knees hurt a bit or the hips are letting you know they’re there? It might be your foostraps that give you some bother.

Here’s a simple guide on how to set them up in a way that will allow you to ride comfortably. When you’re putting them on the board for the first time, the general rule of thumb is to stand next to the board and do a small jump. See how your feet land naturally – both in terms of how wide apart they are but also how much duck they have? Congratulations – that’s your starting point!

And here’s how to correct your stance to make it as comfy as possible. Now get out there and shred!

Kitesurfing Foostraps Position Guide


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