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Now you’re done with your basic kitesurfing lessons and you can get up and ride in both directions it’s the time to learn how to effectively change the direction of travel. When starting out, you will end each run by slowing down, bringing the kite to 12, dropping back into the water and performing water start in the other direction.

Your first transition (how we call changing direction) on the twintip kiteboard is almost a sped-up version of that stopping-water-starting manoeuvre. In a great simplification, the basic sliding transitions breaks down to:

1. Ride at medium speed and spot a place where you want to change the direction.
2. Slow down by slowly bringing kite back to 12 and smoothly push the bar away.
3. Just before stopping slide the nose of the board upwind and slide out the tail of the board with your back foot pointing it downwind.
4. At the same time, when the kite reaches 12 keep the bar sheeted in just enough so the kite generates a tiny bit of lift (not too much though as you’ll jump instead!) to keep your bottom from touching the water.
5. Sit down in your harness and transfer the weight onto your current front foot.
6. Smoothly drop the kite on the other side and ride off down wind in the new direction.

There’s obviously a bit more to this and we’re running 1:1 kitesurfing lessons or coaching sessions in Scotland to help to master these. We’ve had an amazing day with one of our students who mastered both sliding and toeside transitions in under two hours! If you want to book your kitesurfing lessons in Scotland give us a shout – we’re open all year round!


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