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Winter Kitesurfing – Scotland

We’ve had a bit of mixed bag with winds over the last few months but winter has kicked off to a great start. Kiting in the cold has lots of benefits – aside from looking like a badass! Our local kitesurfing community is out all winter too, it’s all down to having a decent wetsuit (like the Mystic Majestic here), gloves (see video below!), boots and you’re ready to go!

We’ve made a more extensive blog entry on how to prep yourself for winter sessions in cold waters of Scotland which you can find here. Also a list of benefits of dipping yourself into cold water – there’s loads, read about them here.

Here’s our selection of vids from recent sessions at our local kitesurfing spots near Edinburgh! It might be a bit too cold for kitesurfing lessons for total beginners but we’re running our improver and refresher clinics all year round so if you’re keen to polish your kite or board skills or even learn how to hydrofoil – drop us a message! Or, if you’re brave enough, we are still keen on getting you through the first steps in kiteboarding! Here’s a little something to build up the stoke!


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