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By Jake

Winter Kitesurfing – Scotland

We’ve had a bit of mixed bag with winds over the last few months but winter has kicked off to a great start. Kiting in the cold has lots of benefits – aside from looking like a badass! Our local kitesurfing community is out all winter too, it’s all down to having a decent wetsuit (like the Mystic Majestic here), gloves (see video below!), boots and you’re ready to go!

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Kitesurfing Lessons in Scotland - Winter Kitesurfing - Health - Kitesurfing School Scotland Edinburgh Dundee Fife Aberdeen Glasgow
By Jake

Scientists Confirmed: Beach is Good For You!

Every kitesurfer has his own reasons to take up the sport. For some of us it’s a stress-buster, a form of meditation, a way to chill and run away from the busy lives. For the others it’s all about heaps of adrenaline and going as hard as they can. But we all always knew what scientists has confirmed recently: the beach has awesome effects on our health.

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Kitesurfing School Scotland, Edinburgh, Dundee, Glasgow, Aberdeen
By Jake

Kitesurfing in Fort George, Scotland

As a kitesurfing school we are very lucky to be located in Scotland. Yes, it would be nice to ride in board shorts only from time to time. But then again you can always put them over your wetsuit! With the amount of great spots we have with magnificent backdrops you will never get bored of kiteboarding in Scotland! This time we’ve decided to venture north to Fort George near Inverness.

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