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Kitesurfing in Fort George, Scotland

As a kitesurfing school we are very lucky to be located in Scotland. Yes, it would be nice to ride in board shorts only from time to time. But then again you can always put them over your wetsuit! With the amount of great spots we have with magnificent backdrops you will never get bored of kiteboarding in Scotland! This time we’ve decided to venture north to Fort George near Inverness.

It’s an amazing place if you’re looking for a safe, shallow lagoon to keep advancing your skills. As soon as the tide comes off the stony shore you get miles of sand and waist-deep water. And with wind coming from south-west Fort George delivers a clean on-shore conditions. With the mountains in the background, a fort in front of you this place looks absolutely astonishing!

On a good day it’s definitely worth driving for a kitesurfing session from Edinburgh and Glasgow. Not to mention the lucky folk in Dundee and Aberdeen. You get an amazing route north with some breathtaking scenery. With a view of kitesurfing on some of the best spots in Scotland. Apart form Fort George there’s also the famous Nairn spot which we’ll describe in one of the upcoming posts. And that is already on the map for our annual kitesurfing school clinic trip in June 2017!

If you’re looking for kitesurfing lessons in Scotland, especially around Inverness this is probably where we will take you.

And here’s what happens when our students aren’t around:


  • Superb place and spot! Great choice 🙂

  • Been there couple of times but never had my kitesurfing gear with me. Looks good tho!

    • Drop in for our kitesurfing demo day, hopefully next weekend 🙂

  • When are you coming up here next time? We’d be keen to give kitesurfing a go but it looks quite freezing right now… I’ll send you a wee message today.

    • Thanks Mike! We’re hoping to get to Nairn / Fort George sometime next week depending on the forecast. We’ll drop you an email 2 days ahead if there’s going to be a solid wind prediction Right now it looks like a no-go but these things change daily. We’ll keep you posted about the kitesurfing lessons & we’ve just got your email. Hope to see you soon 🙂

  • Has anyone lost a kite surfing board at Ardersier if so please contact me Sharon email or FB sharon cooper
    I have posted it on the Ardersier community page, Ardersier notice board & it has been shared with the Ardersier & Petty all on FB
    Hope get it returned to the owner.

    Sharon songhurst,
    • Thanks Sharon! Just shared it with some other groups!

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