Kitesurfing Lessons Scotland - Edinburgh, Troon, Glasgow, Fife, Dundee
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Kitesurfing Weekender, Scotland

Legends tell of people all across the land displaying their prowess on the water. Some jumping high in the air, others performing acrobatic tricks and those who race across and above the water’s surface. We sometimes hear tales of those who are the highest, the most technical and the fastest, but which area could hold the accolade as having the ultimate team… we’ve never known, but that’s about to change. Read more “Kitesurfing Weekender, Scotland”

Kitesurfing Lessons Scotland - Edinburgh, Troon, Glasgow, Fife, Dundee - Tarifa Trip
By Jake

Kitesurfing trip to Tarifa

We love teaching kitesurfing in Scotland but it’s good to pack just shorts and t-shirts and head over somewhere sunny! We’ve just came back from our first this season trip to Tarifa, Spain, with the next one coming up in February (check it out here!). It’s an amazing place – warm waters, constant winds and incredible food to refuel after whole day on the water.

It’s also a true kitesurfing mekka, especially during summer with hundreds of kiters taking to the water. After years of kitesurfing in Scotland we very much prefer less air traffic. Think of it as Three Airport vs Heathrow. There are days at our local spots – Longniddy near Edinburgh or Troon near Glasgow, when 12 kitesurfers on the water equals “busy day”. Hence why we avoid summer crowds and travel down south outside the season. It’s still very mild and way less congested. Here’s how our stay looked like in November!

Kitesurfing lessons Scotland - Edinburgh Glasgow Dundee Aberdeen Inverness
By Jake

Why Kiteboard Leashes Are Unsafe

Kitesurfing is generally a fairly safe sport where risk mostly depends on the kitesurfer himself. After our lessons you’ll know how to control the kite safely and you’ll know how to perform effective board recovery so you can continue progressing on your own. However, a very small number of kitesurfers feels like adding a potentially lethal piece of equipment to the game – a board leash. Wearing one is a dangerous and stupid idea. It just is, always was.

Read more “Why Kiteboard Leashes Are Unsafe”

Kitesurfing lessons Scotland - Edinburgh Glasgow Dundee Aberdeen Inverness - Instructor - Polly
By Jake

Taking coaching to a new level

We never stop improving, learning new stuff and doing our best to get you in the world kiteboarding in the safest and most effective way. We not only use the world’s best selling and highest quality kites from Cabrinha, the famous Switchblades changing them every season for brand new kit. We’re also working hard on our own progress so our faceplants are quite a spectacular to see! To improve our coaching even further we have partnered up with BbTalkin’ – world’s leader in on-water coaching communication.

It also helps with our vocal cords getting stretched to max when we’re working with you on more technical stuff. Like riding upwind, first jumps, transitions or back rolls. Using high-grade audio mounted on water-specific helmets provided by Bern we can now clearly instruct you in real time when you ride. Without loosing our voice in the process!

As it always happens when someone locally buys new kitesurfing toys the wind decides to die off. No worries though, next week is looking amazing! So if there’s an element of your riding you’d like to work on give us a shout and we will set you up for a coaching session.

See you on the water!

Kitesurfing Lessons in Scotland - Winter Kitesurfing - Health - Kitesurfing School Scotland Edinburgh Dundee Fife Aberdeen Glasgow
By Jake

Scientists Confirmed: Beach is Good For You!

Every kitesurfer has his own reasons to take up the sport. For some of us it’s a stress-buster, a form of meditation, a way to chill and run away from the busy lives. For the others it’s all about heaps of adrenaline and going as hard as they can. But we all always knew what scientists has confirmed recently: the beach has awesome effects on our health.

I for one could never live too far from the water. And I’ve always found an excuse to head out. As soon as you’ll start kiting, surfing or sailing you get the bug suddenly the perspective on life shifts. Scientists call this a “blue space”. The water has a soothing effect on mind and helps to tackle a number of things:

1. It reduces depression

It helps you to take mind off things eating you from the inside. The mixture of sound of waves, the view and the smell helps you to get into meditative space. Being on the water clears your mind and helps to gain a new perspective on things. It’s the place where you can switch off and simply enjoy what you’re doing there and then. Having an awesome local kitesurfing community helps a lot too!

Kitesurfing Lessons in Scotland Inverness Nairn
Nairn near Inverness – one of the best kitesurfing beaches in Scotland

2. Helps to shed the stress

You can try massages, yoga or running. But nothing takes the stress away quite like getting up on the board. As soon as you’re in the water all the problems seem to go away. There are no new email notifications, calls from PPI claims people and constant ToDo list reminders that you dismiss anyway. It’s weird how couple of hours of switching off can rewire your brain.

3. It boosts creativity

We all know about those, erm… “alpha moments” under the shower when solutions come out of nowhere. Same goes for staying near the water… or even better, on it! The issue is that these “eureka” type of thoughts typically end up in a spectacular wipeout as you stop concentrating on what you’re doing. Oh well, not the first, not the last!

Kitesurfing Lessons in Scotland - Winter Kitesurfing - Health - Kitesurfing School Scotland Edinburgh Dundee Fife Aberdeen Glasgow

4. It completely changes your perspective on the world

It seems that we’re all constantly on the run. Waking up at 7am to rush to work for 9, fighting through pointless meetings till 5. Then sitting annoyed in the traffic missing green as someone in front of you checks his Facebook notifications. Then shopping, something fast to eat, Netflix and bed. And repeat. Then the weekend comes with all the things planned heading out the window.

But there’s so much more to life! So get out there, meet new people, pick up new skills… and keep on checking the weather every 20 minutes making sure there’s enough wind to go kiting after work… or to justify pulling off a sickie. If there’s none grab a SUP board and explore the coastline, catch some small waves and enjoy the water.

So don’t think about it – act today and join some of the happiest people on the planet!

Kitesurfing Lessons in Scotland - Winter Kitesurfing - Health - Kitesurfing School Scotland Edinburgh Dundee Fife Aberdeen Glasgow
By Jake

6 Kitesurfing Myths Debunked

Kitesurfing is the best vehicle to experience the world like you’ve never done before. It gives you freedom from everyday life. Allows you to unwind and workout at the same time. It’s a life changing experience within reach of anyone willing to give it a go. There are also a lot of myths about kiteboarding. So here’s a list of things we’re getting asked about during our kitesurfing lessons in Scotland.

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